Gnocco Fritto!

Gnocco Fritto

A sumptuous, hot carb fix. Gnocco fritto is what everyone in Emilia Romagna, so the area where Parma Ham and Culatello were born, eats to accompany cold cuts. 

For six people:

  • White flour 500 grams
  • Sugar 1 tablespoon
  • Salt 10 grams
  • Water 180 ml
  • Brewers Yeast 12 grams
  • Melted lard 70 grams

To fry:

  1. Olive oil or any lighter oil like lineseed etc.
  2. Mix yeast, sugar and 50 ml of room temperature water, mix well
  3. Add two spoons of flour and keep adding flour until you have a very very soft mix. Rest for 30 minutes.
  4. Now mix all the remaining flour with the above mix.
  5. Add the melted lard. Then mix 10 grams of salt with 125 ml of room temperature water. When all the salt is diluted mix all the water to the mix.
  6. Now move the mix to a wooden table/table with flour sprinkled over and work it until it's homogeneous. Once homogeneous make it in the shape of a ball and with a knife draw a cross shape on top of it.
  7. Put it in a bowl and let it rise for 4 hours. Cover the bowl with some transparent film. Do not leave in a room with freezing aircon or very hot.
  8. After that take the mix and make it about 3 mm tall and cut it into squares of 8-10 cm per side.
  9. Now prepare a pan with at least 5 cm of olive oil/oil, make sure its very hot before you start putting in your gnocco. Fry them and put them on kitchen paper so they dry.
  10. Put only a few at a time.

Serve them hot. Put some very thin Prosciutto ham or Gorgonzola on top and watch it melt.

Giulia Lina Callegari
Giulia Lina Callegari


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