Pergamena di pane Guttiau Flatbread

Oh my.  This is our most coveted delicacy; a thin, light, crispy, crumbly made with olive oil and unique seasoning. The perfect match to cold-cuts (or alone!)

Salty, creamy, crumbly, crispy, wafer thin, balanced. This flatbread packs flavour but it’s lightness makes it irresistible to stop eating!

Since ancient times bread Carasau is on the tables of the Sardinians.

The Pergamena di Pane, a variant of the traditional bread Carasau, is obtained from the best hard wheat and comes from the painstaking and careful craftsmen. It is a crumbly bread that goes well with all dishes, from meats to cheeses, from meat to fish, from jams to chocolate. Crisp and slightly salty enhances the taste of each dish.

“Guttiau” bread is created by the ancient tradition to flavor the bread “Carasau” with olive oil when it’s the moment of cooking. Also in this case it is called “pergamena” for the thin and crumbly puff pastry. they are very good alone but also like aperitif with cured meats and cheese.