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Meet Bona Pierino

This butcher produces one of the most sought after and famous ham's, Vigezzo Montano or known as Prosciutto Val Vigezzo. This ham, while humble and of amazing and traditional production techniques can be found on Michellin Star menus in Italy.

Bona Pierino is truly a family business, which continues today with passion and careful wisdom, thanks to the ideal weather conditions of it's location, to produce a ham that is elegant, clean and great of great sweetness. We must pay tribute to Mr. Peter Bona creator of this masterpiece.

Ham Vigezzo Montano was born in Crana of Santa Maria Maggiore in the Vigezzo Valley about 800 meters above sea level. From specially selected pork legs, the ham is worked, massaged with natural flavors, then smoked with juniper berries. Subsequently cured with care in the clean air of the Vigezzo Valley for 15 or 18 months. It is advised you enjoy this ham paired with a fragrant white wine such as a Tajano, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling Alsace Grand Cru Steinert, Rieflé - Pfaffenheim (Alsace).

Crana the small hamlet in the municipality of Santa Maria Maggiore is located at a height of 787 above sea level; is completely immersed in a beautiful valley that rolls on to join the Park of Val Grande and therefore enjoys a very special microclimate, relatively mild and dry in winter and cool in summer. Here we find maximum oxygenation and ventilation which completes the flavor of the ham.

Processing Ham Vigezzo Montano is made ​​possible by the commitment and respect for tradition food vigezzina.

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