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Meet the Quaglia Family

The Quaglia family, for generations have been developing and marketing Piedmontese 'Protected' cheeses in strict respect of tradition.

The history of this family has ancient origins, in fact, in the late 1800s Gabriele Quaglia Gabriele produced the first cheese of the Quaglia Vittorio company, in the small town of Villafranca Piemonte. Later they decided to move from the old workshop, where Gabriel had always worked, to larger premises where he was able to focus more on the ripening of the cheese. From this moment on, the name of the Quaglia family begins to become attached more and more to the world stage of the finest dairy produce.Over time the company has expanded and keeps pace with the latest technology in the field of cheese ripening so they can offer their customers a quality product.

For generations, the company selects the best quaility DOP (protected) cheese from Piedmont to oits customers deployed mainly in Italy. These cheeses are pretty rare in the rest of the world.

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