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For 14 years the pastor Roberto Ghivarelli spends the summer with his 40 dairy cows 1,500 meters above sea level. Given its rarity, this Cheese has notoriety in a few very special establishments across the globe.

Ghivarelli said "I have toiled to build a dairy farm that would allow me to make cheese on site and sell it to the public”

Roberto Ghivarelli tends to his cows in the mountain pastures in Cheggio in Antrona valley, where together with Roberto Botta, they are cheese makers by profession, they produce daily local cheese. The amount of milk milked is around 550 liters per day, from both cows and goats.

From the traditions of his family, as a child, he took care of the animals. His typical day starts at 4am, herding cows, the milking, then there is a whole series of work to do; in the afternoon around 16:30pm he milks the cows again. We ask him if he goes to bed early. <Not always> he answers us, sometimes I meet with friends, otherwise I remain in the mountains, no TV; we have internet <but do not use it>. Roberto, is certainly passionate about his work. A mountain man but ... I do not like toads. While Roberto is busy with cows and goats, the other Roberto, is making cheese from the earliest hours of the morning milk to produce the famous Cheggio cheese. The milk does not sit for more 'than 12 hours to the first stage of cheese production. The forms of cheese are then seasoned for at least 2 months in a cellar built in Antrona.

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