Occhetti Nebbilo d’Alba Wine

This red is a cru made from the Nebbilo Grape, used to make Barolo and Barbaresco, native to the Piedmonte area. Prunotto vineyard creates a soft and elegant wine, perfect for spring and summer.

Sweetness ●●○○
Tannin ●●●○○
Fruit ○○
Body ●●●
Origin Piedmont DOC
Serve 16-19 C


This vineyard has a chequered history, dating back to 1905; in 1961 new owners began to identify particularly valuable typical production areas for separate vinification of crus, such as Bussia Barolo and Barbera d'Alba Pian Romualdo. In 1972, Ugo della Piana architect Langarole originally designed the new cellar, to be built near Alba, where he still is the seat of the company. In 1989, the Marchesi Antinori family began working with the Prunotto company, which first took care of distribution, maintaining the excellent level of quality so sought after by Alfredo Prunotto - one of the most important objectives set by the Antinori family, in accordance with the Colla, is to produce from its own vineyards and have a closer monitoring of the product from birth to bottle.

This wine is ruby red of good intensity tending towards garnet. Elegant in aroma with notes of raspberries, roses and liquorice, full and balanced in flavour with a lengthy aftertaste.. The Nebbiolo Occhetti, being such a round and elegant wine, is very versatile and a perfect match for hot antipasti, first courses and light cheeses. Serve at 16 ° C.

The Prunotto vineyard is about 250 meters (825 feet) a.s.l. with a south-southwestern exposure; it has sandy soils of little depth, stratified with layers of gravel and of clayey sands.

The harvest begins on October 1st and finishes on October 5th, the grapes, once in the cellars, were destemmed and pressed and the period of skin contact lasted ten days at maximum temperatures of 29 °C (84 ° Fahrenheit). The malolactic fermentation was completed before the onset of winter. Aging took place partly in 70 hectoliter oak casks and partly in 60 gallon oak barrels used twice previously. The wine was given a further four-month period of bottle aging in the Prunotto cellars before commercial release.