"Tell me what you eat,
and I will tell you who you are"

Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin 


A Shared Love and Passion


Katherine and Christopher. That's us. There is no love sincerer than the love of food (George Bernard Shaw), and its no accident that one thing we absolutely, unquestionably agree on is the pursuit and discovery of good food.  Not just high quality food, not just style over substance, but food that is authentic, honest and with humble histories. 

We want to share our passion with others, with you. While we encourage you to discover for yourself, we know that the realities of life don't allow us to do this as much as we'd like. 

Therefore bringing you an 'essence' of the experience and the emotion that comes with discovery and good food is what we're all about.  From the farms, purveyors, lakes and hills of Italy to your table (or ideally balcony) here in Hong Kong.

Please pay it forward and share with friends.

Katherine and Christopher


Our Pillars and Promises



We promise to lead you on a discovery with Italy's rare and seasonal delights and pass on as much knowledge about their birth, the people behind them and locations.


No smoke and mirrors. The products and stories you see are about real people and authentic passion. No faceless suppliers.  


We've got nothing to hide, in fact we've more to share than we can say here. We promise to be transparent about our sources, processes and how we do things. 


We'll only ever pursue the best quality products and ensure their arrival to your table in the highest quality, we do this by using temperature controlled air freight and other checks and balances along the whole supply route.