Bettelmatt, a very rare cheese

Produced in only 7 pastures in the alps for about 15 to 20 days of the year. This cheese is limited to about 2,000 forms.

Of all the Alpine cheeses of the Ossola Valleys, pride of place must go to Bettelmatt, a cheese made on the high pastures of the Antigorio and Formazza Valleys from the whole raw milk of cows of the Bruna Alpina breed.

Dense yet soft, golden yellow or straw-coloured, Bettelmatt cheese has a mild, delicate flavour, redolent of the Alpine flowers the cows graze on in the early summer, in particular the erba mottolina or Alpine lovage. The variety of these flowers and herbs, which grow only on high mountain pastures, gives the cheese its unique flavour.

Originally the name “Bettelmatt” could be given only to cheese made on the Bettlematt alp, just below the Gries Pass at an altitude of 2,100 metres. Now the name is also used for cheese made at the pastures of Toggia, Kastel, Poiala, Vannino, San Giatto and Forno.

Each cheese is stamped with the name of the alp where it is produced, as well as the trademark certifying its exclusive production area.

Strength ●●○○○
Type Cows Milk
Aged Min. 60 Days
Texture Compact/Soft
Origin Piedmont
In the box 2x 170g (340g)

A delicate and mild flavour (gleaned from alpine herbs grazed) with an intense aroma with Alpine Grass notes. Dense yet soft, golden yellow or straw-coloured.

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