PiedmontBresaola d’Ossola Air-Dried Beef

This Bresaola is homemade by a small purveyor tucked away north of Lake Maggiore. Made with lean beef, salted and uniquely spiced it is air-dried and aged for from 30 to 60 days. The result is a product balanced taste, sweet, delicately spicy, with a low fat content. A fine salumi.

Fattiness ●○○○○
Type Beef
Texture Compact
Origin Val d'Ossola

Sweet, Lightly Spiced, Fragrant, Lean Beef, best enjoyed thinly sliced.

It is a delicacy typical of the area from which it comes, and there are several theories to how it got its name: the derivation expression as brisa room , a room used to age and preserve the beef in salt. Another hypothesis might be that of its derivation from the term brazing, in Italian ‘brace’, to the fact that once the sausages and cold cuts were made ​​in heated dry wood rooms.

It can be consumed in very thin slices cut perhaps accompanied by rye bread and richer wines such as Chianti. A great flavour and a unique aroma, it is considered one of the healthiest salumi meats due to the lean cuts.