Fresh Olives

Fresh Olives. What more is there to say. Sunshine catchers from the hills of Italy. Salty, firm, crispy and refreshing. The perfect partner to cheese and meats.

Sweetness ●●●○○
Sourness ●●●○○
Saltiness ●●●○○
Bitterness ●●○○○
Origin Italy
In the box ~100g

It is almost certain that olive-tree was self-planted at the Mediterranean countries since the time the first humans appeared in this area. Besides, this is something that can be evidenced by the remnants of all civilizations developed in the extensive area.

Olives are fantastically diverse and equally versatile, whether ground into spreads and tapenades, tossed into salads, simmered in stews and sauces, plopped into martinis, or eaten straight out of hand. Their sweet, sour, salty, bitter and pungent flavors are singularly complex, making them an essential delicacy.

The trees themselves thrive in warm, subtropical zones, especially in sea air and rocky soil. Native to Syria and Asia Minor, the first olives were picked from low shrubs. It was the Assyrians who discovered that flavorful, pungent oil could be pressed from this fruit, and so they sought to cultivate and harvest the shrubby trees. With time and attention, the olive tree, or Olea europaea in botanical lingo, flourished and evolved into the hearty tree we know today. Olive trees are grown not from seeds, but rather from cut roots or branches buried in the soil and allowed to root, or grafted onto other trees.

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