The finest of all Parma Ham, Sant Ilario

Sant Ilario Parma ham is said to be the best in the world. It is exceptionally tender and lean and absolutely packed with flavour— altogether different to the average prosciutto you might find in a supermarket. The main difference comes in the process of selection, at Sant Ilario they only take the very best hams, chosen in person by the farmers for their fat content and quality, and this means that the processes which then follow – the salting, trimming, curing, larding and boning—result in a premium product.

The last and longest period of curing takes place in big brick drying rooms, where the wooden hanging rails, the current of sweet mountain air and temperatures of up to 18 C encourage the enzymes that help develop the flavour of the meat. Such conditions are a world apart from the steel drying racks and concrete, window-less cold rooms where the massive majority of Parma hams are now produced.

Fat ●●●○○
Type Pork
Aged 26-30 Months
Texture Buttery
Origin Parma
In the box 2x 150g (300g)

A widely popular Parma Ham direct from Parma with a buttery and complex taste. Very moreish, perfect on a crispy flatbread or just by itself.