• "A delicate and mild flavour (gleaned from alpine herbs grazed) with an intense aroma with Alpine Grass notes. Dense yet soft, golden yellow or straw-coloured"
      Strength ●●○○○
      Type Cows Milk
      Aged Min. 60 Days
      Texture Compact/Soft
      Origin Piedmont
      In the box 2x 170g (340g)
    • The Place

      Walking into a small shop tucked away at the back of a town square we find a bustling business, where all locals frequent, even in the depths of winter. We find Eros' passion and hospitality shine through the crowd as he entertains and orchestrates. He is the son of Giuseppe Buratti who with his wife Carla, and with the help of his sons Angelo and Eros, took the reins of the family's shop for the last 20 years.


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