Collina Veneta Cheese

A typical Italian, crisp cheese from the hills of Veneto, largely unknown outside of Italy. It has won countless awards.

The Collina Veneta was born from the mountain pastures in the huts in the territory of lower Bassano, where the raw milk raw is obtained from two milkings, an evening milking and in addition to that of the morning milking. It is processed to yield a cheese that the farmers of the area called 'usomonte', a delicacy with a semi-hard, irregularly shaped form. This cheese lent itself to aging, which occurred in the cellars of the holdings at the foot of Monte Grappa and was consumed in the autumn when the milk was scarce in quantity. 

Aroma ●●○○○
Sweetness ●●●○○
Acidity ●●●○○
Saltiness ●●●○○
Bitterness ○○○○○
Hardness ●●●○○
Origin Veneto

It is from this tradition that was born the idea of the name 'Collina Veneta', the idea materialised when the producers of the area decided to come together in a cooperative with the sole purpose of being able to get a cheese quality with excellent characteristics. It is possible today to obtain a cheese that varies from 6-8 months up to 15 (Called 'stravecchio'), whose form at the time of consumption combines sweet and pleasant aroma of a cheese that is a fresh taste, typical of a mountain product. In the kitchen, the Collina Veneta can also be enjoyed in the variant 'imbriaga', obtained as a result of its aging with the skins, which give the pasta a touch vinous much appreciated by Italian consumers.


Collina Veneta is a cheese that combines the taste of a mountain product, sweet and with a pleasant aroma with that of a sharp and crisp cheese, it is almost crumbly in texture. This Cheese is great for the cheese board, palatable to most. It is made ​​with pasteurized whole cow’s milk.