Coppa di Parma Ham

Coppa is an unique Italian cut of meat formed from muscular pork neck, lightly seasoned, believed to date back to 1680

Fattiness ●●●○○
Sweetness ●●●●○
Saltiness ●●○○○
Type Pork
Texture Firm
Colour Pink to Red
Origin Parma
In the box 2 Packs Totalling apr 300g

Believed to have been produced since 1680, coppa was originally called "bondiola" named after the appendix of the pig, the "bondeana", which was used as a natural casing for the coppa.

Coppa di Parma is made from the precisely trimmed muscular portion of the pig’s neck. It is produced in the area defined by the inner administrative territories of the provinces of Parma, Modena, Reggio Emilia, Mantova, Pavia and the communes along the strip of river Po facing part of the administrative areas of the provinces of Lodi, Milano and Cremona.

Salt is added to dry salt cure, and then meat is stored on special carts: this salting technique gives the product the best maturing conditions to develop its addictive flavor.

Upon salting, the meat is encased in natural cattle intestine and hand tied with canapé string. After tasting, the product is put into maturation for at least for 60 days. During its ageing process, the meats develop a unique scent, aroma, fragrance and an exquisite and delicate taste.

With its soft, persistent taste on the palate, and its delicate aroma, Coppa di Parma, is excellent as an aperitif and ideal during meals with some good white wine, or a glass of Franciacorta.

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