Mocetta Cured Beef

Mocetta is an ancient cut of lean beef, prepared in Autumn; air-dried and cured in garlic, bay leaf, rosemary, sage giving it a soft, rich mineral taste. Delicious.

Fattiness ●○○○○
Type Beef
Texture Tender
Taste Rich Beef
Origin Valle d’Aosta PAT

The traditional production technique makes for very tender meat; bringing out the rich, almost iron-like taste that accentuates the flavour of the beef.

Mocetta is of ancient origin, the traditional cutting of the Western Alps and recognised as a traditional food product (PAT). It is produced in the entire Valle d'Aosta (bordering France) and Piedmont Northern (Canavese, Valsesia, Ossola Valley), from cuts of meat lean, mostly muscle or thigh. The meat can be to beef or sheep, goats, swine or wild boar – ours is Beef :)

The meat is seasoned with garlic, bay leaf, rosemary, sage and other mountain herbs, it is then covered in salt the liquid from the meat itself. Once prepared it is left to stand in a cool place for a variable time: in the case of home preparation, the meat is put under weight for up to 20 days. The meat must then dry and season hanging in a ventilated and dry area – hence why this delicacy is often prepared in Autumn with drier and cooler air.

Eat like Bresaola or beef carpaccio for an appetiser, which can include olive oil, parmigiano shavings, arugula and lemon juice.