Nostrale DOP Cheese

This protected (DOP), creamy, semi-hard cheese has been native to Piedmonte for centuries. Made with only with milk from indigenous cows feeding on alpine grass.

Strength ●●●
Flavours Savoury / Herby
Type Cow's Milk
Texture Semi-Hard, Creamy
Origin Piedmonte

Produced with fresh cow's milk, this a typical cheese of the area dating back centuries. After ageing it develops a delicate flavour, tantalizing and aromas reminiscent of the herbs and flowers in the alpine pastures.  It’s DOP status (protected origin) means it is only produced by Piedmontese Cow’s who are fed only alpine grass and hay; nothing else allowed (we approve).

It is probably the same cheese that in the Middle Ages was called caseus vacbarinus or vaccinus. As far as its production and characteristics go, it’s similar to the Bra (another cheese we’re hoping to bring you in the future).

The cow’s milk (sometimes mixed with ovine and oat’s milk) is warmed to 30° C; then liquid rennet is added. Then the mixture is broken in pieces as big as hazelnuts (for the fresh moulds) or corn grains (for the seasoned ones), it is put in the “fascere” and pressed. It is salted dry or pickled. The minimum seasoning is 30 days for the fresh moulds; the maximum is 3-4 months.

The dough used to make this cheese is pressed with a cylindrical-shaped machine with flat sides to make it into a moderately large size. The cheese is elastic with small holes which look like white ivory spots. Characteristics: It has an inedible crust. It is light gray in color and smooth in consistency. It gives a pleasant fragrance and savoury taste. It is best served with wine and salumi; but is fantastic as a pasta dish.