Prosciutto Crudo Val Vigezzo Ham

Hand massaged with cinnamon, pepper, cloves, juniper and nutmeg. An outstanding prosciutto from pastures in the Italian Alp where the pigs and cows graze together.

Fattiness ●●●○○
Sweetness ●●
Saltiness ●●○○
Type Pork
Colour Rosy
Texture Soft
Origin Piedmont

Aged for at least 18 months, this is a uniquely spiced and smoked with juniper ash, you can taste murmurs of alpine herbs through and through.

This prosciutto is made respecting a traditional spice recipe and process. Starting as all hams do with salting, its lovingly prepared and spiced with a unique mix containing secret quantities of cinnamon, pepper, cloves, juniper and nutmeg.


After a 15 day rest it is caringly massaged with more spices, followed by a rest period of between 15 to 21 days, after which it is washed with cold water and seasoned once more. So lovingly prepared is this ham, it is covered in suet and fat where it is lean to ensure it is protected during its ageing process. It is aged for at least 10 months with seasoning, after which it is washed and left to age for a total of 18 months.


This is how the fragrant and tasty hams typical Valle Vigezzo that keeps all the authenticity and flavor of a natural alpine product. The true characteristic of this ham is in its salting, which takes place, only in the winter months, negating the use of cold storage and chemical additives.


All the working phases take place in special cellars that naturally deliver the right level of humidity and temperature necessary for obtaining a high quality ham. Smoked from a fire of sawdust juniper – it is smoked for one week.