Speck d'Anatra Smoked Duck Prosciutto

The hand cut, cured duck is sweet, tangy, gamey and smoky with rich oils; it is dark red in colour, sliced for the perfect bite. Good on its own with a glass of wine or in pastas and salads. Not one to miss.

Fattiness ●●
Sweetness ●●
Saltiness ●●○○
Type Duck
Colour Red
Texture Firm
Origin Pisa

The "Speck" of sliced ​​duck if a meat product from the cured duck breast, cured for at least 35 days. It has a typically smoky aroma, intense and rich taste, its firm in texture. The fats are present in relatively limited quantities and easily removed. It has sweet, tangy and gamey flavours – with a long, pleasant aftertaste. It’s very versatile, to eat alone, as a starter plate, in pastas and salads.

The purveyor has been painstakingly making fine quality meats and game for over 150 years.

Each piece is a story unto itself: skilfully cut by hand, carefully seasoned with spices and herbs, then allowed to age naturally as long as it takes to obtain an exquisite product, created for the most finicky palates.