Villa Dianella Chianti Riserva DOCG

From our favourite wine maker; this Chianti is aged in large Oak Barrels; sophisticated, soft tannins, with a great body and very well balanced. A very unique Chianti.

Acidity ●●○○○
Sweetness ●●●○○
Tannin ●●●○○
Fruit ●●●○○
Body ●●●●○
Origin Tuscany DOCG

The “Chianti Riserva Fattoria Dianella” is a noble and gentle wine with an important character. It has a balanced, rich taste. Sophisticated and elegant can be served with traditional Italian dishes as well as with the new proposal of the fusion cuisine.

The Madonnina and Buontempi vineyards are at an altitude of 180m a.s.l with south / southwest exposure. This unique Chianti is made from a grape variety of 95% Sangiovese and 5% Colorino (a local variety of the area); these are hand-picked during harvest.

Made initially in stainless steel tanks; the wine is temperature controlled fermented to ensure the right balance and consistency; this wine is macerated with the skins of the grapes for 15 days, bringing out the soft tannins. After this it is moved in to Slavonian Oak Barrels (old, not new wood) for 16 Months and further aging of 6 months in the bottle.

We end up with a wonderfully balanced deep ruby red wine, with red fruit and spices notes well melted with vanilla flavours. Very elegant and sophisticated with soft tannins.